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Frame Canopies & What is all about ?
Frames canopies is the normal sought after tents for smaller scale.It is great for backyard, catering kitchen or individually booths usage like carnivals.  They can also be joint together forming a long stretched. A normal frame canopy comes with only a top cover with four poles. Side walls are optional, this is  to secure the sides of the canopies.

Poles cover, scallops, underlayer , as well as proper lightings can be used to beautify these canopies turning them into a mood setter as per individuals choice.

Flooring can also be considered as another way to beautify these canopies. Once done with the flooring, carpet will be laid over these floorings to give it an individual exquisite look to compliment the other decoration.

Hi-Top Tents
Hitop - Maroon Star White (12 x 20)
Hitop - White (12 x 20)
Pyramid - Maroon Star White (10 x 10 )
Pyramid - Maroon Star White (12 x 20 )
Pyramid - White (10 x 10)
Pyramid - White (10 x 20)
Pyramid - White (12 x 20)
Umbrella - Round (8 Feet)
Umbrella - Square (10 x 10)
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